Shincha 2017 now available!

Shincha directly translates to ‚new tea’. It is made from the very first fine leaves sprouting in early spring and has a particularly fresh aroma as it is dried only lightly.

But there is more to Shincha than just that.

Depending on the degree of shading or steaming, the region, and the variety, Shincha can vary strongly in taste from one type to another.



Shincha Classic


A pleasure for your tastebuds time and time again! The classic among the KEIKO Shinchas is deep-steamed (Fukamushi) and is made of 100% Yutaka Midori. This translates to „luscious green”, which is a characteristic of this variety.

It has a fresh, full flavor with a superb green colour.

Ideal for cold infusion as well!

#117 Shincha Classic, 50g, bio € 19,90

#117-200 Shincha Classic 200g, bio € 74,80


Shincha Yume

In 2013 the first taste of the very first harvest of the still young tea-plants of the variety Yume Kaori (engl. “dream aroma”) had enchanted us from the beginning with its unique scent.

This variety makes up 100% of the Shincha Yume and you will know we loved so much about this tea as soon as you open the package.Make sure to take a deep breath when opening the package or the teapot right after the infusion!

The colour is a little lighter than the Shincha classic and yet the aroma is of a resonating sweet and velvety mildness. This tea too is deep-steamed (Fukamushi) and ideal for cold infusion!

#120 Shincha Yume, 50g, bio € 28,00



Shincha Yakushima

in 2015 we introduced Shincha Yakushima to our Shincha-Range, which sold out in not time.

Yakushima is an island in the Kagoshima-prefecture south of Kyushu. Owing to its ancient, majestic cedar woods, enchanting waterfalls and as a hatchery for sea turtles the island has been designated a UNESCO Natural world heritage in 1993.

In the midst of these lush forests the Fujiwara Family was the first to start cultivating tea and later the first to switch to organic cultivation according to EU-organic-standards, profiting from the subtropical climate of the Island.

The Shincha Yakushima is only lightly steamed and has a pleasant soft aroma with a light colour. Especially fit for those of us who prefer a mild tea and green tea beginners!

Made entirely from the variety Yabukita.

#121 Shincha Yakushima, 50g, bio €17,80


Shincha Set

This decorative set contains one 50g-box of all three types of Shincha: Classic, Yume and Yakushima. You will also find information on the varieties as well as tips for the preparations inside.

Ideal as a gift!

#126 Shincha Set 3x50g €67,-





Our Recommendation

Intensively steamed tea from the early first picking is perfect for cold brew tea - especially on warm summer days!

Just prolong the infusion time to about 3 minutes. Because the bitter components of the tea do not dissolve as quickly in cold water and the sweet aroma of the tea dominates this also works when you infuse the leaves directly in a glass. For this just stir after a few minutes infusion time and wait for the leaves to settle to the bottom of the glass, drink from the top and add water again until the aroma fades.

A whole new experience: Cold Drip Tea!

The Dripster allows only one drop at a time to drip through and steep the leaves, which creates a very special aroma. The speed can be adjusted with a little regulator on the side.


#40161.1 Dripster - Cold Drip Tea Maker 500ml  €47,99